How to get free and many twitter followers online

Quite recently those who keep track of the number of Twitter followers of presidential candidates noticed something funny: even though Mitt Romney had been gaining on average between 3000 and 4000 Twitter followers per day, this past weekend he managed to gather more than 140,000 followers. The suspicious part of it all is the Friday where got more than 24,000 new followers… on Saturday he got 93,000 more and on Sunday another 25,432 followers. Those who have been trying to earn Twitter followers know just how suspicious such a spike is, and so it begs the question: Did Mitt Romney, a presidential candidate, happy to buy Twitter followers. After all, no one can deny how suspicious these movements are, even those who know nothing of Twitter.

Zach Green is one of the people behind, a website which has a very hefty responsibility these days: keeping track of the activity of the White House’s presidential candidates on Twitter. Zach was pretty much the first person to make note of that anomaly, and he basically wrote in his blog that even though there is no explicit evidence for Mitt Romney’s must Buy Twitter followers, that sure is what it looks like.

Some people have attributed this rise of followers to Romney’s recent campaign, but to be frank, it was nothing to write home about… in other words, the followers surely weren’t very impressed with Romney’s policies. The truth, however, may be somewhat darker and more contrived than what most people believe.


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